Simplified Designs for Quick Parking

Display the parking payment methods you offer – such as mobile parking app, QR code, text to park and more – in an organized manner with Passport’s end-user-tested parking signage.

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ADA compliant

Thoughtful design with clear color contrast and spacing

Optimized, flexible designs

End-user-tested signage for optimal utilization

Declutter streets and sidewalks

Properly display payment options as more apps are introduced


By performing multiple rounds of end user testing, optimizing our design and revamping the flexibility of QR codes, Passport seamlessly offers a range of services catered to our clients needs whether they opt for a multi-app structure or Passport app signage.


  • End-user-tested designs catered for multi-app structures or Passport app signage
  • Zone number, URL and accepted payment options clearly displayed to reduce confusion
  • QR codes to drive app adoption and boost utilization
  • Text to Pay: Initiate parking sessions via SMS text
  • Consistent design and call to action, reducing the need to update signage

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