Resolve Citations with Ease

Cities must provide an outlet for determining the validity of issued citations, as violators may wish to dispute them after receiving one. Through the same customer portal used for citation payments, they can submit an appeal or request a hearing.


Boost transparency

The customer portal provides access to photos and external notes recorded by the ticketing officer, ensuring transparency and discouraging frivolous appeals

Simplify appeal management

Administrators can efficiently handle mailed or in-person appeals / hearing requests directly within the citation details, facilitating a smooth and convenient process for both parties

Uphold parking standards

After decisions are applied, tickets can resume eligibility for penalties and further enforcement actions, ensuring accountability and compliance with parking regulations

Key Features

  • Appeal and schedule hearings digitally 
  • View evidence photos and notes from the scene of your violation 
  • Administrative staff can manage appeal and hearing requests through the back-office

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