Driving Payment Compliance

Passport offers a robust payment experience via an online portal, crucial for boosting compliance and revenue by enabling real-time violation payment.


Drive payment compliance

Boost revenue by simplifying the process with convenient payment options and clear communication, enabling real-time violation payment

Streamline citation settlement

Allow violators to settle citations promptly through the online portal, reducing appeals and frustrations while increasing the likelihood of payment

Enhance reporting efficiency

Access comprehensive reports through the back-office and enable users to efficiently track and manage citation payments, enhancing transparency and operational efficiency

Key Features

  • QR codes on printed tickets and letters allow offenders to find and pay citations digitally 
  • Cashiering and onsite citation payments can be enabled to help support your operations
  • Configure payment plans suitable to your customer needs
  • Process payments through Passport Payments
  • The back-office portal hosts many reports to enable users to view all citation payments processed

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