Citation Management Platform Proves Functionality Matters

Functionality matters. Nimbleness matters. Android delivers.

When it comes down to the functionality and flexibility of an Android operating system, the platform is ideal for our software. The Android operating system provides agile development, allows for more frequent updates, cost efficient device options and accessories, as well as more durability. The benefits are there with Android and the device offers users the comfort and familiarity of using a smartphone.

With the introduction of Passport’s citation management platform, parking enforcement officers can conveniently monitor valid parking sessions, view permits, track scofflaws, report incidents around the city, perform electronic chalking, and issue citations all through their Android smartphone. The operating system takes efficiency to an entirely new level and the benefits prove it:

The Flexibility

The seamless integration between the Android operating system and our platform provides the flexibility our users want.

Android’s seamless integration with our mobile Bluetooth printers gives parking enforcement officers the familiarity of using a smartphone, as well as the flexibility to tackle their day-to-day responsibilities, operations, and the connectivity to communicate with other enforcers.

The Tailored Devices

Android allows us to cater to cities different wants and needs. When it comes down to durability, battery life, and weatherproofing – the Android delivers. With its wide variety of smartphone and tablet options and accessories, such as waterproof cases, extended batteries, and a stylus pen that’s ideal for clients using our platform in cold weather cities, the device curates an experience to fit cities differing needs.

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The Release Cycle

App enhancements and feature updates can be quickly released due to Google Play’s less restricted app store. With agile development and frequent updates, we can give our users the best possible experience on an Android smartphone. If a city needs a quick change to the citation management platform to keep their city operational, the Android operating system can give it to them fast. With minimal delay, the release cycle for app updates is shortened and provides a more efficient option for cities and parking enforcement officers.

Cost effective

Sometimes the most expensive item isn’t necessarily the best. Investing in a product that cuts the up front cost by 50% is a smarter financial choice. With Passport’s citation management platform, the Android smartphone gives our users the most cost effective choice and a wide variety of device options and accessories.

Smartphone familiarity

Tackling day-to-day tasks on a smartphone not only provides users with comfort and familiarity, but decreases the learning curve. Training parking enforcement officers is simple when officers are not using proprietary hardware, but are handling operations through a user-friendly smartphone.

As technology progresses, our citation management platform grows with it. The combination of the Android operating system and our software proves that both functionality and flexibility are essential to the user’s overall experience.

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