A Comeback for QR Codes? Google Chrome Might Make It Happen

In a world filled with online shopping, on-demand products, and even software extensions that help us determine the best deal (shout out to Honey) — we thought QR codes died. In fact, with the progression of technology, they haven’t maintained their initial popularity. Well, it turns out they’re still here, and Google Chrome has given them a comeback.

Google Chrome released an in-app QR code scanner and barcode that prevents users from having to open a new app to scan a code. The app now offers “built in scanning functionality, which you can access via 3D Touch on the app’s icon, or you can do a search for ‘QR’ in spotlight”.


QR codes are alive and kicking, despite the rumors that they disappeared. Since they’re still considered a ‘thing’, at least Google Chrome is making the experience of using the codes easier than ever before. Instead of switching apps, simply just stay in-app, utilize the new feature, sit back and let the it do the work — without the hassle of making a switch.

So, how exactly will this translate to the transportation industry?


Good question. What’s one of the most annoying things that happens while you’re using an app? Having to switch from one app to another, especially while you’re buying your transit fare or paying for parking. We feel the pain. Being able to provide your city with one mobile payment platform positively impacts the user experience. With Passport’s mobile transit app MyJTA, for example, users have the ability to plan, track, and pay for their transit fare completely in-app. Keeping users in-app helps increase utilization, improve overall brand experience, and maintain a loyal customer base.


“The biggest piece to being successful with new technology (or revamping and bringing technology back like QR codes) is it has to add value,” said Maxwell Mickey, Sales Associate at Passport. “In the past, it hasn’t been much faster to use a QR code than to just type the info into your phone. By Chrome making it a simple button click off your home screen, instead of going into another app, it is valuable as it speeds up the processes for users. It will be interesting to watch the downstream effects of the QR code as its usability is simplified.”

As Google Chrome brings back the QR code scanner, we’re interested to see how it impacts utilization for users and if it actually sticks around…