Favorite Apps of the Passport Team

It’s hard to imagine our lives without a phone screen covered with apps. Nearly anything you can think of–there’s an app for it. In 2010, Apple even filed to trademark the phrase “there’s an app for that”. For many of us, they have become a part of our daily routines. Planning, reminders, cooking, workouts, and games. With so many apps to choose from, how do you know which apps will make your life easier or just plain awesome?

As a software company that develops apps for some of the largest cities in North America, we took a step back to look at what apps power our days. Below is a list of some of our favorites that we highly recommend you download and use if you aren’t already:

Podcasts (native iOS)

submitted by Zach Jaspers

My favorite app is probably the Podcast app. I can take in a ton of information on any topic from marketing, to content creation, to current events, and comedy. It gives me something to listen to while working, but also a way to learn while I’m driving and provoke some thought on topics that I would never think of.

Houzz and Chipotle

submitted by Brad Powers

Houzz’s Ideabooks allow me to find and easily organize home design ideas that I share with contractors and designers.

Chipotle allows me to send my order and pay via the app–saves me waiting in the line every time!


submitted by Lindsey Nichols

Classpass makes it super easy to schedule workout classes and just as easy to cancel. It also gives you a list of all your upcoming classes or a history of all the ones you’ve taken.

For convenience sake, it’s definitely a favorite.


submitted by Ben Winokur

I’m a big reader. I pull articles about startups, venture capital, and sports out of my Twitter feed all of the time, but I don’t have time to just stop working in the middle of the day and read through blog posts. Pocket lets me save those posts for later, gives me a great reading experience by minimizing ads and clutter, and makes it easy to share those posts directly to my social media accounts or through Buffer (another great app!).

GMail and Dropbox

submitted by Khristian Gutierrez

These apps have everything I need, current and historical, within seconds (shout out to the cloud!)

Everything else I use is social (Linkedin, Instagram, Timehop, and Facebook). I enjoy staying connected to news and current events.


submitted by Daniel Bliley

Eating healthy is a challenge when you lead a busy lifestyle. Even more difficult is shopping for healthy recipes and making them taste good. FitMenCook shows you meals, gives nutritional value, has great how-to instructions, and most of all–transfers ingredients to a shopping list and sorts it by grocery aisle so you can find things easily.


submitted by Emily Wilson

Postmates takes the convenience of food delivery to the next level. You are able to choose from just about any restaurant nearby (you can even have ice cream or Starbucks delivered to your door). I love that you are notified of who your driver is, so you can easily text them (or they can contact you if there are questions) about your order. It’s also very quick to use, because once you enter your payment information when you first download the app, you never need to again!


submitted by Jeremy Hay

Evernote is intuitive, it requires little thought and lets me spend time pouring my own thoughts out onto digital paper!

If you have a favorite app that you use, we would love to hear about it!