The Growth of Mobile Apps: Why Mobile Payments Should Matter To You

Things should be simple. Enough said. Millennials treasure the moments when they can complete a transaction with the magical touch of their iPhone. Whether they’re adding money to their Starbucks app for a midday latte or making an offer in Poshmark on a pair of Converses – they want easy. They need it. If something isn’t easy, they won’t be as interested in the product or service. Does that make them high maintenance? Maybe. Does it shout over the top? Probably. One thing I am certain of is that consumers want simplicity.

The Growth of Mobile Technology

EMarketer forecasted the 210% increase in total value of all mobile payment transactions in 2016.

As mobile payment technology continues to make waves, users are quickly adapting to the convenience of handling their transactions with their mobile device. No wallet? No problem. Whether you’re paying for lunch with Apple Pay or ordering and delivering sushi to your apartment with Postmates, wallets might just become a thing of the past.

The transportation industry is following suit. With popularity in mobile parking payment apps, users are taking advantage of Passport’s solution for parking in-app citation payments. An efficient way to handle your entire parking ecosystem in one single app – count me in.

Pay for parking. Check. Pay for a parking ticket. Check. Appeal a ticket. Check. Passport’s app does it all.  As the growth of mobile technology takes new heights, prepare to embrace the benefits:

Convenience At Your Fingertips

The launch of Passport’s ParkOmaha app has combined the entire parking system in one app. The app was designed specifically for the City of Omaha and allows users to find, pay, extend, and manage parking from their mobile device. Features also include the ability for users to pay for citations with their mobile device. The citation management platform gives each enforcer the ability to issue citations using real-time software from their device.

“Our extensible platform allows us to add useful functionality that meets user demands. It also creates multiple entry points for the app, whether parking for the first time–or receiving your first parking ticket,” said Brad Powers, CTO at Passport. “We are trying to make the entire downtown experience easier to manage and navigate.”

Simplicity for all.

Simplicity and the transportation industry might not seem like they go hand-in-hand. Paying for parking and citations aren’t always the easiest transactions, but handling it all on your mobile device changes the game. Parking and citations made simple? It’s a thing. With Passport’s app, the simple experience gives users the ability to pay for citations, as well as provides real-time back for parking enforcers and management.

Increases Payment Compliance

Paying for citations from your mobile device is convenient. But it’s not just convenient; it adds significant value to your city. With an increase in payments, cities actually see a significant lift in payment compliance from users. The City of Council Bluffs implemented Passport’s citation management platform and saw an increase in yields on payable citations from 2015 to 2016 Giving users the ability to pay off a citation with their mobile device makes the process simple, provides the city with a higher yield on payment, and ultimately more revenue.

Tracking & Managing Made Simple

Dealing with tons of paperwork isn’t simple. With Passport’s citation management platform, parking enforcers go from hand-writing citations to using real-time mobile software for printing and issuing citations. It’s convenient and also provides enforcers the ability to access real-time information for a complete view of operations. Providing enforcers with backend data needed to successfully tackle their day-to-day tasks is essential for their job and city. The benefits provide increased transparency and accountability, automated manual processing of data, increased payment security, higher yield of payments, improved ticket issuance process and more.

Increase In Adoption

With a single solution to the parking ecosystem, adoption is simple. Downloading a single app for managing your parking payments and citations creates a positive user experience for both customers and end-users. Incorporating the entire parking experience into a single platform makes the process simple for all users and end-users.

The transportation industry continues to progress. As cities and users alike adopt new mobile payment technology, it’s really just the beginning for all that’s to come.