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At Passport, we’re always sharing the latest articles featuring invaluable insights, the newest data, and the latest trends. Instead of just passing along these articles to our teammates, we’ve decided to share them with our readers, as well. This week’s installment of Passport’s ‘Links of the Week’ features some of our recent go-to reads. Enjoy!

Passport Mobile Parking Technology

See How the Internet of Things Will Change Your Life

How will our day-to-day lives be changed by more devices that connect us to the web?

Mobile Payment Technology

Putting Cities at the Center of American Innovation
“The nation and its cities should use technology not only to upgrade and transform aging infrastructure, but to reshape the way cities operate from top to bottom.”

Extend Parking App

Extend Parking App: Don’t Let Meters Run Your World
Don’t let the parking meter control your life. This mobile app lets you extend your parking from your mobile device

Passport Mobile Technology

AAA: Consumers May Not Be Ready for Autonomous But They Want ADAS

Autonomous vehicles are here. Consumers feel “afraid” to ride in these vehicles.

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