Parking Payment App Ideal for Universities

Pencils are sharpened. Books are purchased. New kicks are ready to be laced. Your pantry is stocked with Ramen Noodles. You’re ready to conquer your first day at college.

But how exactly are you going to be prepped for finding your classes? Do you take a bus? Drive? Bike? It can all be a little nerve-wracking, especially if you’re a freshman. If you choose to drive, we all know how stressful finding a parking spot can be, but what if it didn’t have to be so stressful?

For the University of Nebraska, it’s not. They had one objective; to completely transform the parking experience and implement a platform that could improve their current mobile parking provider. Instead of associating parking with a hassle, the university wanted the process to be one that put students at ease, while seamlessly merging two mobile providers into a single app. By adding Passport’s mobile parking app, the transition has seen a lift in utilization by 50%, which is a 20% increase from their previous mobile provider.

Being able to park, pay, extend and manage your session from your smartphone gives students the convenience they want from their parking experience. Whether you’re in a study group or out for lunch with friends and it’s lasting longer than expected – the app gives you the flexibility to extend your session. What’s worse than knowing that your parking session is about to expire while you’re still stuck in a biology lab? A parking ticket is never ideal – with Passport’s app, it’s preventable.

For universities, this helps reduce unpaid parking citations, as well as the amount of convenience fees per transaction. It’s ultimately a win-win for the user and the university. The University of Central Florida also utilizes mobile pay parking. The free technology allows students to pay for their parking session from the app on their smartphone. If their parking session is low, parker’s will receive a notification 15 minutes before their parking session ends.

As mobile payment technology continues to advance, the parking landscape will benefit from its innovations. Say hello to the simple way to handle parking via the palm of your hands.

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