Mobile Payment Parking: Apps Create Safe Environment

You just finished a late night working at the office. It’s late. It’s dark. It’s eerie. It’s 11pm and walking to your parking spot alone isn’t safe. We’ve all been there.

What if there was a solution to feeling unsafe? What if there was a way to track our friends as they walked to their car? What if there was a way to feel safe paying for parking? What if there was something we, as women, could utilize to feel safe?

As mobile technology advances, we’ve not only seen an increase in apps that solely focus on safety, but apps that make daily tasks safer for users. Whether it’s an app that uses GPS to track friends while they’re walking home or one that delivers food to the convenience of your home – mobile technology is making every day life safer for users.

As technology progresses, safety at your fingertips is possible. Mobile payment parking apps are making waves in the industry, while keeping users safe:

Mobile Apps Parking Safer

We’ve all read the cringeworthy headlines about the dangers of parking lots. As technology advances, specifically in the parking industry, women can utilize mobile apps to be safer. Rather than parking and getting out of your car to feed the meter, women can take advantage of mobile parking apps to pay and extend parking sessions from the safety of their car. In general, mobile payment technology takes the physical realm out of paying for products or services, which ultimately creates a safer environment. Even specific mobile parking apps feature wayfinding technology, which can direct women to the safest parking locations. Other mobile apps specifically focus on reserving parking, which can completely bypass locating a parking spot.

As mobile technology advances, women and users will continue to see an increase in safety-focused mobile apps, as well as apps that make parking safer. As our society adopts mobile technology, we will continue to see an increase in safer environments from the comfort of our mobile devices.