Partner Company Spotlight: Fisher Parking & Security Inc.

Partnerships matter. They not only build relationships, but provide a collaborative forum of ideas, insight, research, data, and more to help our growth.

As a mobile payment technology company, we strive to learn from our partners; to grow, to innovate, and to excel in our industry. Meet Jay O’Brien, Vice President at Fisher Parking & Security, Inc. For 20 years Jay has played a part in the parking industry’s transformation, challenges, and innovations. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jay and chat about what changes are happening in the industry, the innovations that are to come, and where he thinks the industry will be in 10 years:

Q: As the industry continues to progress, what are some of the changes you’re seeing happening?

Jay: It’s like everything else – everything is becoming more software driven. When I first started in the industry the newest thing was having a software system built on Windows. The main thing has been the implementation of software advancements. The original systems we installed were DOS (disc operating system), which were just letters on a screen. Now we’ve completely advanced to digital systems.

Q: Dealing with clients one-on-one can inevitably bring challenges. What’s one of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome?

J: I’d say the biggest issue with technology is the people using it. There’s a lot more user error and users end up blaming the technology for these issues. Finding technology that’s user friendly and delivering it in the simplest form is a major feature we look for in new offerings we bring to clients.

Q: The industry has changed so much in just 5 years. Where do you think the parking industry will be in 10 years?

J: I’d say everything is going to go more mobile and license plate driven. You’ll see a lot more mobile payment technology like Apple and Samsung Pay and I think these features will mostly bypass the entire EMV chip reader. The clunky issues that go along with the chip reader makes handling payment a little more difficult. I believe you’ll see a lot more universal systems that play nice with each other along all aspects of technology. There’s not going to be just one software company providing everything – it’ll be a mix of multiple payment suppliers.

Q: Partnerships mean a lot to us. How has the partnership between Fisher Parking and Security and Passport helped you overcome challenges?

J: Passport’s products gives us a unique offering to clients and potential clients that others do not provide, especially direct competitors. Since Passport started advertising your citation management platform, you’ve opened yourself up to a large share of business from our direct competitors. The overall offering is solid, the payment method is unique, and I think it offers a lot more opportunities than others who only have a capital expense solution.