Passport Perfects Mobile Payments With Crowdtesting On Location

Passport Perfects Mobile Payments With Crowdtesting On Location

by Laura J Gray

February 2, 2017-

Residents of cities like Chicago, Boston and Toronto no longer need to carry around loose change to feed parking meters and they have a company called Passport to thank.
Founded in 2010, Passport enables cities, universities and private operators to quickly launch mobile payment apps for parking, transit, citations and permits. Passport allow organizations to better serve their customers and communities by enabling them to digitally manage and make payments. When people park their cars, they pull out the app, enter their parking zone number and finalize the payment. Simple. People no longer need to dig through their pockets for change or pull out their wallets. When the meter expires, customers are able to renew the session on their phones without returning to their vehicles.
Passport has implemented its enterprise solutions into more than 2,000 different locations while building out a list of over 200 clients. In addition to cities and universities, the mobile payment solution has reached doctor’s offices, restaurants, retail centers and many other locations.
With increased success and customer demand comes increased operational complexity, especially on the quality assurance front.

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