Passport’s Links of the Week

In this week’s installment of Links of the Week, we’ve compiled a list of trending industry articles. The implementation of traffic lights on the ground  to how-to sync your citation management in one single platform, prove that technology is rapidly increasing.


For Distracted Phone Users, Germany Puts Traffic Lights On The Ground

Fear no more. With Germany’s ground traffic lights, you’ll no longer slam into light poles, dogs, or people while using your phone.

Widening of Highways

Widening Highways Never Fixes Traffic. But Darnit, It Did in Texas

The implementation of wider highways have doubled the speed of rush hour traffic in Texas.

Optical streets

This Tricky Crosswalk Stops Drivers With an Optical Illusion

An optical illusion crosswalk is a thing and it’s stopping drivers from going through crosswalks.
Citation Management Platform

How-to Sync Citation Management With One Mobile Platform

An efficient solution to handling citation management with one single platform is possible and efficient. With real-time connectivity, parking enforcement officers and parking managers have the capability to handle their day-to-day tasks in one platform.