Passport’s Links of the Week

It’s Thursday and that means it’s Links of the Week! In this installment, our articles-of-choice focus on how we’re getting that much closer to having Star Trek technology, smart glasses that could change those that are visually-impaired, and a mobile transit app that combines transit tracking, provides the best route, and manages fare. Enjoy!

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William Shatner: We’re closer than ever to actually having Star Trek technology

“Certainly, some of the tech shown in the original Star Trek series has already entered our everyday lives in the 50 years since premiering. Back in 1966, Kirk’s communicator, Uhura’s bluetooth, and even the Enterprise’s automatic sliding doors seemed revolutionary, but now the prevalence of smartphones and automatic doors make these pieces of technology seem archaic. “

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Smartglasses help the visually-impaired to use smartphones

“In the new system, users navigate across the phone’s display via head movements – moving their head up takes them to the top of the screen, moving it to the left takes them screen-left, and so on. The glasses correspondingly display an enlarged view of that part of the phone’s screen.”
Mobile Transit App

Travel Made Easy With Mobile Transit Tracking App

Mobile app provides users with the ability to map out the best route, track travel options in real-time, as well as complete ticket purchases all from their smartphone.

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Google Play Is Now Labelling Which Apps Contain Ads
You know those annoying ads that pop-up in your apps? Google Play is now displaying if the mobile app contains ads.