Passport’s Links of the Week

Drones. Wearables. Minivans.

This week’s installment of Links of the Week features a variety of different tech topics. Whether you want to find out how a California startup is using drones to send medical supplies or how a company is creating a wearable to make athletes stronger – we have the latest. Get some of our must-read articles below:

The Age of Convenience: Multimodal At Your Fingertips

In the Age of Convenience, we expect simplicity. Now the entire multimodal experience can be in the palm of your hands.


Uber, Lyft Vow To Stop Driving In Austin After Voters Keep Regulations

Voters in Austin rejected a proposal for ride-hailing apps,  both Uber and Lyft will be pausing operations in the city.


Halo is building a wearable to make athletes better, stronger, faster

Halo Neuroscience is creating a wearable that helps athletes actively influence their physical capabilities.


This Startup Wants to Use Drones to Drop Blood, Not Bombs

California startup wants to utilize drones for sending medical supplies to countries in need.


Google’s Self-Driving Minivan Could Bring Autonomy to Us All

Google plans to implement its autonomous technology into 100 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans. Get the details!