Passport’s Links of the Week

In this week’s installment of Passport’s ‘Links of the Week’, we’ve compiled a variety of articles that provide valuable insight into a citation management platform with a seamless integration between enforcement officer and decision maker; autonomous cars featuring public transportation, and more. Enjoy!


Why Transit Agencies Are Finally Embracing Uber

“I move people, they move people, but we don’t all have to go to the same place. Let’s try to find a way to work together.”

Passport Mobile Technology

A Simple Way to Hasten the Arrival of Self-Driving Cars

“If the companies developing self-driving cars shared their data, it could hasten the arrival of the lifesaving technology.”

Citation Management Platform

Citation Management Platform Proves Functionality Matters

How the Android operating systems delivers the functionality to grow with your enforcement officers and decision makers.

Autonomous Cars

Beverly Hills Plans to Use Autonomous Vehicles for Public Transportation

Autonomous cars will play a significant role in the future. Let’s see how Beverly Hills is implementing autonomous vehicles into their public sector.

Mobile Payment

See How Your Town’s Transit Stacks Up to Hundreds of Other Cities

“Open data policies also happen to open transit agencies up to outside criticism. If data is going to be helpful, it should point out ‘where transit is underperforming, and diagnose why.”