Passport’s Picks of the Week

From the launch of Smart City Operation Centers to “older” millennials being the top mobile payment users – in this week’s installment of picks of the week, the Passport team has compiled their top trending tech articles. Enjoy!


Miami-Dade Chosen for AT&T’s First Smart Cities Operation Center

The City of Miami has been chosen to be the first city to launch AT&T’s Smart City Operation Center. The center will be dedicated to providing public safety solutions, such as implementing more efficient options for public safety and police officers, enhancing lighting with LED lights, improving data collection to help make more informed decisions regarding urban planning, and improving overall traffic flow. One of the main objectives of the center is to address the City’s digital divide by “launching a program later this month at one of the county’s public housing communities”.

– Daniel Bliley, Director of Marketing


iPod Inventor Says Detroit Is Perfect Place To Test Autonomous Cars

With autonomous cars on the horizon, Tony Fadell, the inventor of the iPod, believes that Detroit is the perfect city to test self-driving cars. Why, you ask. Well two things: 1) low population 2) a large amount of existing infrastructure. For autonomous car testing, these two factors are ideal. There’s a large amount of streets, intersections, highways, etc. without a ton of pedestrians to manage.

– Kimberly Kufel, Content Marketing Specialist

Older Millennials More Likely Than Younger Millennials to Use Mobile Payments

In-store mobile payment growth has increased greatly and one key audience — 25-34 year olds — better known as the ‘older’ millennials. Deloitte’s 2016 Mobile Consumer Survey, which polled 2,000 Internet users, found that older millennials are “twice as likely to make mobile payments at least once a week than are 18-to- 24-year olds”. Even aside from being the top mobile payment users, the older millennials are the most active smartphone users.

– Chris Watt, Client Success Manager


Feds Ask Cleveland for $12 Million Over Bus Route Change

Not sure how frequently something like this happens but $12M is a large sum to pay because Cleveland decided to change the portion of their grant application from allowing bus access to no longer allowing bus access to Public Square.

– Tom Wiese, Sales Associate


Lemonade Sets New World Record

(And, no, I’m not talking about Beyonce’s latest album.) Coming in fast and furious to take on the insurance industry as we know it is Lemonade, a property and casualty insurance company for New Yorkers. For most of us, filing a claim is akin to pulling teeth; Lemonade has streamlined the process to mere seconds utilizing chatbots, AI, and facial-recognition technology. Because this particular article is authored by the CEO of Lemonade, I’m skeptical of its legitimacy. Regardless, the technology alone has the capacity to flatten bigger companies if they can’t keep up.

– Sara Wasserboehr, Graphic Designer