Passport’s Picks of the Week

From utilities in a smart home to an increase in mobile app revenue, this week’s picks of the week touch on a variety of tech topics. Get our team’s latest go-to reads:


What if Uber kills off public transport rather than cars?

Many believe that Uber, ridesharing app, is killing off the car. However, traditional thinking would suggest that UberPool, which allows riders to split the cost of travel between users, would eventually kill off public transportation. Could Uber actually knock off public transportation for good?

– Chris Watt, Client Success Manager


To Clean Its Air, Paris Is Kicking Off More Major Streets

Paris continues its push to get rid of air pollution and further reduce the amount of cars on its streets by redesigning one of its busiest commercial streets to have an electric tram and bike lanes.

– Tom Wiese, Sales Associate


App Downloads Up 15% in 2016, Revenue Up 40% Thanks to China

Throughout 2016, the time spent in-apps as well as app revenue have grown. For worldwide app downloads, they were up 15 percent year-over-year, while in-app usage has increased by 25 percent. But we really owe our thanks to China. Because of China, iOS app downloads have increased more in 2016 than in 2015.

– Kimberly Kufel, Content Marketing Specialist



Beyond Smart Meters: Utilities In A Connected Future

City and business leaders are looking beyond just the parking meter and into smart meters for utilities. As smart cities develop and technology improves, municipalities are starting experiments and pilot projects to determine the success of innovations for street lights and smart grids. The IoT is moving fast, and cities are working to connect residents in ways that were not possible just a few years ago.

– Daniel Bliley, Director of Marketing

Designing Innovation Inside Your Company

Ah, “innovation.” A lofty term that gets thrown around in board meetings that proves far more difficult to implement than to write into a brand identity. Despite the roadblocks, it’s paramount to keep stagnation at bay through continuous innovation. If not, your company could be the next Foursquare.

– Sara Wasserboehr, Graphic Designer