Snapchat Greatly Impacts The Way You Move

Snapchat and Impact on Mobile Technology

From the “pretty” filter to the flower crown- – there’s no doubt that Snapchat is greatly holding the the queen bee reigns of social media platforms.

snapchat-impacts-mobility-and-mobile-technologyBeing able to document your every move in real-time, while throwing in a perfectly curated geofilter, is significantly influencing how we move and document our short-term content. A day trip to Charleston? There’s a hot pink and lime green geofilter that illustrates the landscape. Heading to an Ellie Goulding concert? Don’t forget to add the tour-themed geofilter for a chance to get backstage passes. Everything is changing for social media, and in turn, for mobile technology. Users are quickly adapting to the major shift in tech.


As mobile technology changes the game for the growing social media platform, we’ll continue to see an increase in mobile payment usage. According to Accenture, millennials and higher income families are leading the mobile payment usage game — at 23% and 38%, respectively. From Venmo and PayPal to Apple Pay and Google Wallet — mobile apps are making it a piece of cake for users to handle their transactions from the palm of their hands. Oh and did we mention you can now pay a user via the Snapchat app? Well, with Snapcash you can.


For the transportation industry, users are adapting to handling their parking, transit, and permit experience through their mobile device. Move over kiosks and loose change for the parking meter – let your phone do the work. From being able to pay for parking to paying for your Metro fare via mobile app – the way and how you move is drastically changing. We’re a little biased, but we think for the better. As the Internet of Things makes headway in 2017, the way we interact with our environment and mobile devices will be significant to our everyday lives, particularly the way we move.

As for Snapchat, users are given total control of the way they interact with their movements. With advancements in technology, mobility will significantly be altered by apps- for now, Snapchat is leading the social media pack.