We Stand with You: A Message from CEO Bob Youakim

The racism, intolerance, and hate prevalent in our communities weigh heavily on so many of us. However, we have an opportunity to come together and find ways to support change given the current events happening across our nation. While these deeply rooted issues will take continued and concentrated effort to solve, we can start within our own communities. Let’s be uncomfortable as we discuss topics like white privilege, bias, and fear. I encourage you to actively discuss, gain understanding and be open with friends, colleagues and neighbors. We must be willing to continue the fight for equity and justice.

At Passport, our very core value is to put people first. And, every day we aim to create an environment of inclusiveness, support and encouragement for our cities and each other. But today, and right now, we want to recognize our black colleagues and the black community. We stand with you. We acknowledge the need to speak out and do our part.

We can do better in the world – it’s up to each of us.