[Webinar Recap] Setting the Stage: How Parking Leaders Drive Policy Change

Passport recently hosted a webinar where we discussed how parking leaders are leveraging data and working together to navigate the complex landscape of policy decision-making. 

Moderator Tydus Mana, Client Success Principal at Passport, led the panel discussion around the importance of reputable parking leaders looking at every issue and understanding a city’s problem intimately. Joined by Dan Fortinberry, City of Cincinnati, and Joseph Al-Hajeri, City of Austin, the three offered acumen into how a partnership with Passport helps them drive policy change by utilizing our platform.

Other topics covered included: 

  • Insights into practical strategies that parking and mobility leaders can use to effectively influence policy decisions and drive meaningful change in their environment
  • Real-world examples of successful policy change led by parking and mobility leaders and the key ingredients to their success
  • How to connect with other parking and mobility leaders, share best practices and insights, and build lasting relationships that can support your policy goals

Access the entire session here.