Westmount, Quebec, Canada (MacKay & Passport)

Partnering to Give Citizens Options with Multi-Space Meters 
and Mobile Pay



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Lush with an urban forest, plenty of parks and private gardens, Westmount is a charming and sophisticated suburb of Montreal. It’s common to see pedestrians meandering down the historical streets in the commercial district that is home to boutiques, restaurants and art galleries. With the traffic from residents and visitors alike, and aging single-space meters, Westmount was looking to transition to a combination multi-space meter and mobile payment solution that would allow it to increase the number of spaces across the city and make it easier for citizens to pay for parking.

“This simple and elegant solution to updating on-street parking is yet another example of the City’s longstanding penchant for innovation.” –Peter F. Trent, Mayor Westmount

With Passport

With MacKay’s multi-space meters and Passport’s comprehensive mobile payment solution, Westmount decreased its reliance on cash and transitioned to a digital, pay-by-plate solution.

More Spaces, More Revenue Opportunity

By transitioning to a pay-by-plate solution, the city didn’t have to invest in additional single-space meters, and was able to add more spaces to generate more revenue. The multi-space meters, in combination with mobile pay, are durable enough to withstand the cold winters of Quebec.

Experienced Team, Strong Partnership

The MacKay team has decades of experience in the parking industry and partnered with Passport, the experts in mobile payments for parking, on many successful implementations, including Westmount. Together, they were able to deliver a robust solution for the city of Westmount.

Smooth Implementation

Passport’s parking app was easily adapted to meet the needs of Westmount and the partnership with MacKay. MacKay served as the primary point of contact for the city and worked diligently to help the Passport team translate their application assets into French.

Convenient for Parkers

Many parkers in Westmount are residents, and they now have the option to pay at the multi-space meter with cash or credit, or through the mobile payment app, which is convenient for storing multiple credit cards and license plates.

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