Providing more equitable parking payment options in Grand Rapids, MI


With its diverse mix of arts and culture, breweries and restaurants, and shopping and outdoor activities, Grand Rapids is a bustling city with plenty to offer. Known as America’s “Best Beer City,” Grand Rapids is the largest city on the west side of the state and sits less than an hour from the shore of Lake Michigan.

The City partnered with Passport in 2018 to launch MOTU, a private label parking app named after the City’s motto of “Motu Viget” meaning “strength in activity.” The app is currently offered at more than 3,600 on-street spaces across the City.

Grand Rapids continues to enhance the customer experience by working with Passport to provide more equitable payment options. MOTU’s closed-loop wallet feature allows users, whether they are part of the banked or unbanked communities, to preload funds into their accounts so they can pay for future parking sessions without a credit card.

In 2023, Grand Rapids launched enhanced gateway services with Passport, enabling app users to transact using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Jennifer Kasper, Mobile GR Assistant Director for the City of Grand Rapids, saw adoption of this feature skyrocket from zero to 25% in less than six months.

“It’s exciting to watch the data in real time and the information on our user base helps influence our on-street methods,” says Kasper.

In the near future, the City plans to implement additional feature enhancements to continue to enhance both the overall success of the parking program and the customer experience.

To learn more, visit the City of Grand Rapids’ Success Story.

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