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Once a strategic port city during the American Civil War, Savannah, GA is home to a thriving industrial center in addition to an abundance of historical sites, charming Victorian homes, and cobblestone streets. The city population is one of the largest in Georgia and attracts millions of visitors each year.


Parking payments in Savannah used to require meters, which meant residents and visitors enjoying popular dining locales or site-seeing needed to be incredibly mindful of their time and their meter expiring.


Citizens and tourists can now spend their time enjoying the city and local businesses rather than running back to their parking spaces to fill their meters or leave. By using mobile payments for parking, they can simply extend their time remotely without having to run out to the meter. Savannah worked with Passport to implement a personalized Park Savannah parking app to match the city’s historical culture.

Quality Partnership

When conducting the RFP process, the city was focused on pricing, product, and partnership. With Passport, Savannah felt it got all three— a quality product with the capabilities it was seeking, in addition to a solid team. Since implementing mobile payments with Passport, Savannah has received positive, timely support and a genuine partnership.

“The Passport team from the beginning has been great to work with. They are eager to help solve our issues and you can always have a genuine one-on-one conversation with members of the team. Working with Passport has been really great for the City of Savannah.”  – Former Assistant Director of Mobility & Parking Services, City of Savannah

The city is also able to integrate its enforcement operations with Passport’s technology. Parking sessions from Passport– in addition to meter sessions from Parkeon– are sent to T2 Systems to enable enforcement.

Brand Building

As a popular tourist destination, Savannah chose the option to produce a white label app with Passport, known as Park Savannah, to use the city brand identity to build awareness of the new parking app. Passport worked closely with Savannah to create personalized signage that adhered to the city’s brand and historical feel.

Convenient Choice

Residents and visitors no longer have to worry about their meter time expiring and getting a parking ticket. With the Park Savannah parking app from Passport, they can easily extend their time and enjoy the sites and local businesses.

“Everybody raves about the fact that they don’t have to extend their parking from the meter and that the [Park Savannah] app is user friendly and not difficult to use. It’s really a win-win for all involved.” – Former Assistant Director of Mobility & Parking Services, City of Savannah

Increased Revenues

Savannah has seen an increase in mobile parking transactions, a decrease in citations issued, and an overall increase in parking revenues due to the app and increased payment compliance.

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