University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Transitioning to a flexible mobile payment solution



mobile app utilization


increase over previous provider

The University of Nebraska- Lincoln (UNL) transitioned from its previous mobile parking app provider to Passport to improve the level of parker support and client service. Changing providers for a customer-facing system like mobile payments can be risky, and successfully transitioning providers requires experience and care. Passport is an expert in technology implementations and transitions and not only successfully helped the campus switch providers, but also delivered value-added services to improve the campus parking experience, resulting in increased app utilization.

“Working with Passport has been a great experience for UNL in terms of service and operation. When we decided to move to Passport’s solution, the focus was to improve customer service. Our transition to Passport was seamless & virtually unnoticeable. Our experience with the management software was positive as the user interface & reports are robust & intuitive for the operator.” – Dan Carpenter, Director, Parking and Transit Services, UNL

With Passport

An improved customer service experience does not happen by accident. Passport has worked with many municipalities and universities to carefully transition providers and to make a positive impact. Passport’s process involves gathering all relevant information and data, analyzing protocols and processes, syncing all platforms, building configurations, creating a comprehensive marketing plan, launching, monitoring utilization, and nurturing the program with a dedicated client success representative.

‘Flexing’ spaces to drive revenue: from permitted to temporary hourly spaces

Many universities have permit-only lots, but these lots are only at peak capacity for certain parts of the day. This leaves thousands of spaces unused during off-peak hours, culminating in lost revenue opportunities. With Passport’s flexible rate system and mobile pay program controls- including zone lockouts and custom messaging- UNL was able to temporarily ‘flex’ parking spaces, resulting in higher space utilization and revenue during off-peak hours.



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