Flexible integrations for any operation

We understand the importance of flexible and seamless integrations. Our experienced team can save you time by efficiently and effectively connecting any Passport solution to the other technologies that power your operation.

Parking Session Integrations

Share parking session data between Passport applications and your existing vendors, to help streamline operations and keep data centralized.

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Application Partners

Offer multiple ways to pay for parking to your community. Passport centralizes your rate structures to make rules and rates available to our app partners, creating more access to digital parking payments and providing parkers with more choice.

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Enforcement Integrations

We understand that your operations sometimes expand beyond Passport, and therefore provide the integrations needed to ensure you can enforce all parking sessions seamlessly.

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Payment Processing Integrations

Although Passport is a certified merchant processor, we also offer clients the option to use a third-party gateway or processor, and can easily integrate via API’s to your preferred provider to seamlessly transact. Some integrations include:

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In the search for a new mobile payment provider, Westminster sought a vendor on the cutting edge of development that was prepared to work in partnership with a local authority to develop a product suited to its specific needs, and that was accustomed to delivering a high level of service to both cities and end users. Passport developed the ParkRight app for the City of Westminster that easily integrated into the existing bay sensor parking availability solution. The Passport team ensured a smooth transition that resulted in a better system for Westminster and an increase in mobile app transactions.

“Now when you’re at the theater, dining out at one of Buffalo’s many great restaurants, or enjoying activities along the revitalized waterfront or our award-winning parks, you don’t have drop everything to pay the meter,”

Davis Hough, Senior Special Assistant to the Parking Commissioner, Buffalo, NY

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