2022 Forward Summit Regional - Kansas City, MO

Top municipal leaders and industry experts on mobility, predictive analytics and industry trends share insights and strategies at the Forward Summit.

Passport’s Forward Summit event on Wednesday, November 2, 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri was a rousing success.

The one-day event offered exceptional and idea-generating insights from municipal thought leaders and innovative mobility companies on how to efficiently manage the competing demands of the curb– and beyond.

If you were unable to attend the event, this is your chance to view the panel recordings and begin the conversations to make meaningful change in your community.

The Forward Summit keynote was given by Karina Ricks, Partner at CityFi where she and her colleagues help city leaders, CEOs and varied stakeholders to understand the complexity of 21st century transportation challenges.

Featured speakers from municipalities included:   

  • Joseph Al-hajeri, City of Austin
  • Brad Harrell, City of Lawrence
  • Wayne Mixdorf, City of Lincoln
  • Matthew Muckenthaler, City of Kansas City
  • Ken Smith, City of Omaha

And were partnered with innovative mobility and data companies: 

  • David Parker, Cleverciti
  • Joni Wickham, Wickham James Strategies & Solutions

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