How an integrated payments partner can help streamline your operations

Parking payment processing is a key part of your parking operation, yet it can become complex very quickly. How many payments vendors do you have in your ecosystem?  Are they optimized for your environment or acting as a barrier? Can you easily add a mobile app or wallet for your users’ convenience or are your merchant processing vendors in the way? The more vendors and systems that have to be integrated (i.e. gateways, processors, POS systems) the more expensive, complex and challenging it becomes to streamline your back-office.

Passport Payments is a certified full-service merchant services provider and can help simplify your parking operations by reducing the number of handoffs and touch points. With Passport as your trusted payments partner you will unlock access to:

Simplified Reporting

Are you constantly switching through spreadsheets and back-office systems to get a holistic view of your financial reporting? Having multiple vendors typically means multiple data feeds and hours needed to reconcile. In some cases, disconnected merchant processors can also act as a barrier toward future opportunities, such as adding a new mobile pay parking partner. With Passport Payments, source data from the card networks feeds into the Passport digital platform along with your parking data – streamlining your entire back-office. 

Dispute Management

How much are you paying in disputes and chargeback fees annually? Chargeback fees can be extremely costly to small ticket parking operations, especially when the fee exceeds the price of the parking session itself.  Passport eliminates chargeback fees for clients, helping clients lower their overall costs.  

Improved Speed and Reliability

Operational systems, especially those pieced together by multiple vendors, are often clunky and not integrated. This can cause bottlenecks and greater opportunities for technical failures. Additionally, the more third-party vendors in your ecosystem, the more vulnerable it becomes to PCI compliance requirements and security risks. Passport relieves this risk by providing an all-in-one solution that removes you from exposure to sensitive card data. Passport’s mobile app acts as the point-of-sale device, and Passport acts as the gateway and merchant processor. We understand the flow of a parking transaction and take full responsibility for the entire process, from the time an end user initiates a parking session to settlement. When you work with an end-to-end provider that understands the specific needs of cities and municipalities, like Passport, you can close gaps that could otherwise be missed. An all-in-one processor also means one point of contact for any issues that arise.

Passport enables clients to facilitate digital payments and control their curbsides through a mobility software platform. Contact us to learn more about payment processing and our suite of solutions.