How to Use Passport Parking to Support Local Businesses

As we head into the New Year, there’s still plenty of leftover shopping to be done. For some, the extra holiday splurge is exciting, however many others would rather save a buck than head to the shop down the road. And finding street parking doesn’t make it any easier. 

The good news for these parkers is that Passport Parking supports local businesses and their shoppers through our validation system! Merchants have the opportunity to subsidize paid parking and promote awareness of a mobile payment option for parking. Through this, merchants can:

  • Load a balance onto the validation system
  • Set automatic balance recharges
  • Create validation types by name and dollar amount
  • Get real-time reporting of validation activity 

How It Works

  1. Merchants load a balance on the validation account management site at
  2. Merchants create codes for a predetermined amount to allow customers to discount their parking session 
  3. Customer enters the code to receive discount on their parking session 
  4. Validation amount is then deducted from the merchant balance and transferred to the parking provider 

It’s that simple to support local businesses, at no extra cost. To learn more about Passport and the services we offer, visit our website and check out our blog!