[NLC Webinar Recap] The Power of Collaboration: How Cities Can Work Together to Drive Successful Policy Change

Passport recently collaborated with the National League of Cities (NLC) to host an informative webinar where we discussed how our Performance Benchmarking and City Profiles solutions enable cities to optimize their operations based on comparisons to other peer cities.

Joined by Miranda Bradshaw, Senior Product Manager at Passport, and Fed Revolte, City of Tampa, our panel considered how benchmarking data can help municipalities infer and understand regional and national trends to help drive successful policy change. 

Panelists also reiterated how concrete benchmarking examples can be used to communicate effectively with elected officials and the public, fostering transparency and collaboration. 

Other key topics included:

  • Insights into the common challenges and solutions for selecting peers and performing competitive analyses
  • Benefits of collaborative data-sharing with other like-cities and organizations
  • A robust demo of benchmarking data examples in real-time

Access the entire session here.