Passport’s Picks of the Week

This week’s installment of picks of the week hits on a new payment method, how Election Day results impact transit funding, designing trains for anti-social commuters, and more. Deep dive into some of our team’s must-read picks this week…


The Hidden Art of Designing Trains for Anti-Social Commuters

I often find myself pointing out how ubiquitous design is to my friends; how much thought and intention is behind everyday objects essential to a well-functioning system that we otherwise take for granted. The design of BART’s future commuter trains is an excellent example of the brainpower required for producing a user-friendly experience for their primary riders: people traveling alone that just want to be left alone. I appreciate this as a designer and as an introvert, as I will do all I can to avoid any sort of interaction with the stranger sitting next to me.

-Sara Wasserboehr, Graphic Designer


Siri Can Send Money via PayPal

We use Siri to handle everything from quickly pulling up a movie trailer to finding directions to a restaurant downtown, but did you ever think it would handle monetary transactions? With iOS 10, users can now send and request payments with a voice command to Siri. It’s simple, all you have to do is tell Siri which contact / friend you want to send money to and it will then ask you to specify the amount. Looks like I’ll be using Siri more often than I do now…

– Kimberly Kufel, Content Marketing Specialist


Election Day and Transportation Ballot Measures

Which transportation ballot measures were approved in the 2016 election? Cities across the country were faced with a total $200 billion decision in transportation funding earlier this week. Mass Transit provides an update on transportation ballot measures as the votes roll in.

– Emily Wilson, Marketing Specialist


The Digital Matatus Project

It’s hard to imagine there are public transit systems that don’t have their routes mapped. There is now a company, Digital Matatus, that is helping these systems understand and map their routes by using cell phone technology.

– Tom Wiese, Sales Associate