Rental Car Violation Processing Made Easy

Managing violations for rental cars could take a city tons of hours and full-time employees. 

Additionally, a majority of citations issued to rental cars often go unpaid.

To help combat that, Passport has now integrated  with VERRA — a processor for rental car agencies such as Hertz, Avis and Budget.

VERRA either pays the citation on behalf of the driver of the rental car (more popular) or, provides Passport with the driver’s contact information so the driver of the rental car can be billed directly from the city.

This helps alleviate the administrative burden, including handling paperwork, transferring liability to the driver and directly making payments to the issuing authority. VERRA can also provide Passport or the city with contact information to collect the fine as an option.

Passport’s integration with VERRA is absolutely free for existing customers utilizing Passport’s enforcement solution and can be enabled within Passport’s portal, which provides detailed rental car citation management reports at a click of a button.

The report displays the following information:

  • Date that VERRA marked a citation as paid
  • Date Driver information was received
  • Payment Type – whether it be VERRA or the offender
  • Payment Amount – the amount paid by either VERRA or the driver
  • Citation issuance date
  • Citation time of issuance
  • Citation number
  • Citation status
  • LPN
  • Violation type
  • Citation Amount

Visit Passport’s integrations page to learn more about VERRA and other integrations. Or, contact Passport’s support team to enable this integration.