Boosting app utilization and streamlining enforcement in Portland, ME


Portland, ME is an historic seaside city with a bustling downtown district. The City typically issues more than 120,000 tickets a year and was looking to update its enforcement operations with an integrated, real-time solution that minimized manual work and maximized efficiency. Through a competitive bid process, Portland found a partner in Passport, the leader unified parking and curb management.

Since launching Passport’s Parking Management Software, the City has seen Passport Parking app utilization and parking revenue continue to grow: In March 2024, 72% of parking revenue was from mobile pay, suggesting that users favor the app’s convenience and ease of use as a payment method. 

In addition to revenue increases, the City of Portland has also seen a significant increase in parking compliance. The availability of multiple payment options, especially the Passport Parking app, which allows parkers to pay on-the-go and manage sessions remotely, promotes convenience and reduces instances of parking violations.

The City also leverages Passport’s Enforcement Software, allowing it to collect evidence, issue warnings and citations and recover punitive revenues more effectively. With this digital solution in place, violators are able to easily resolve their citations online. In fact, in 2023, 88% of paid citations were paid online.

Discover more on how Portland partnered with Passport to streamline and optimize its parking and enforcement operations in its success story.

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