Curbside Management Solutions

Control mobility in your city with Passport’s innovative curbside management platform.

Connect Your Curb

Create a connected mobility ecosystem.

Passport provides municipalities and universities with the ability to connect previously disconnected mobility systems, enabling you to make strategic decisions based on comprehensive, real-time information.

  • Assess real-time parking demand
  • Expand accessibility of digital payments for parking and transit through other apps
  • Enable predictive availability
  • Use dynamic pricing to optimize parking inventory
  • Enforce mobility rules, rates and regulations through a real-time compliance platform
  • Centralize management of emerging modes of transportation such as shared bikes and scooters

Ft. Lauderdale, FL is leading the way with mobility management.

Congestion Relief

Effective parking and mobility management should reduce congestion to improve emissions, safety and livability.

Curb traffic on your streets by creating flexible, informative systems that clear the way to efficiently move your citizens from point A to point B.

  • Predictive Availability
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Multi-modal mobility and first/last mile solutions

Get Macro-Control over Micro-Mobility

Use parking management policies to regulate your curb.

Animation of Micro-Mobility management

By following the rules of parking management— paying for idle time at the curb— cities can regulate curb space and incentivize desirable distribution of shared bikes and scooters, and create a foundation for strong partnerships with innovative mobility providers.

  • Balance vehicle supply and demand to prevent curbside congestion
  • Help your citizens complete their commutes with first and last mile mobility solutions
  • Provide equitable distribution of micro-mobility vehicles across your city

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Future-Proof Your Operation

Build a strong digital infrastructure to support the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Mobility systems are rapidly evolving to be connected, mobile and dynamic, and they aren’t stopping. Today, ride hailing, scooters and dockless bikes reign the streets. And we’re not sure what surprises connected and autonomous vehicle technology will bring. But creating a technology-first system creates a foundation that is easy for new solutions to plug in to and for you to manage.

  • Passport’s OpenAPI connects all of your mobility solutions onto one platform, including parking, permits, micro-mobility and more, and allows you to regulate those solutions from one source of truth— you.
  • Passport’s portal is an easy-to-use management tool you can use to access the most vital information you need on a daily basis and

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