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From license plate recognition and monitoring to ticket issuance and revenue recovery, Passport’s configurable system works for any and all operations to increase compliance, drive efficiency and improve the bottom line.

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License Plate Recognition

Enforcing compliance is easier, faster and more accurate with license plate recognition (LPR).

Mobile mounting
LPR cameras are easily mounted on enforcement vehicles.

Scanning and Digital Chalking
The cameras in the hardware scan license plate numbers (LPN) for payment and permit status, and digitally chalk vehicles in locations with parking time limits.

Real-time data transfer
The system automatically sends infractions picked up by the LPR system to officers’ mobile devices in real-time.

Ticket Issuance

From a mobile-app or an in-car printer, parking enforcers can monitor license-plate number (LPN) and space-based parking transactions and permits, create tickets, look up previous tickets, report incidents, lookup zones, and digitally chalk.

Vehicle Information
The color, make and model of the vehicle will automatically populate if that data is available. Other pertinent information is also displayed on your mobile device, such as permits on file, outstanding tickets, allow / deny lists, and scofflaw information.

Violation Information
Parking enforcers then choose between issuing a formal citation or a warning. For evidence purposes, high-resolution pictures can be taken and uploaded into the system. The parking enforcer can also include notes for administrators or violators.

Enforcement officers are presented with a final screen with their data entry, as well as one last check on parking session payment, before sending the data in real-time to the back-end system.

Back Office & Reporting

Passport’s mobile technology is integrated with our back office system, which gives you incredible insight and tremendous control over your parking enforcement operation.

From the back office, you can manage appeals and adjustments, lookup scofflaw and repeat offenders, manage violation types and price escalations, and view detailed reporting, including:

  • Violation type specific reporting
  • Ticket density heat map
  • Live officer tracking
  • Playback of officer activity
  • Ticket issuance reports
  • Unpaid citation reports
  • Citation by specific zone reports
  • And much more
  • Violator Payment Portal

    Real-time data for real-time payments.

    After parking citations are issued by enforcement officers, the data is available in real time and can be paid by violators immediately through Passport’s violator payment portal. Making violations available as soon as they are issued encourages immediate payments to improve yield. Violators can take advantage of two options for payment:

    Web and Mobile Web
    Violators can go online to search and pay for citations. The payment portal is mobile-friendly, so violators can make their payments immediately after the ticket is issued. The portal can also be branded for your operation.

    In-App Payment:
    By utilizing Passport’s mobile pay parking solution, the in-app citation payment feature can be added for easier ticket payments. Customers can conveniently pay their violations from the same app used to pay for parking.

    Letter Generation

    Passport’s back-end system can handle the entire citation process from ticket issuance to resolution, including delinquent letter generation. Once a citation becomes delinquent, our platform automatically makes customer notification incredibly efficient in just a few easy steps:

    Search and filter through violation types based on operation-specific rules and policies.

    Automatically request registered owner information from the appropriate DMV, or our network of lookup agencies, to obtain customer address information based on LPN.

    Once address information is returned, letters are automatically generated and sent eliminating manual processes.

    Access a history of letters sent on every citation.

    “The residents have more parking now… Our enforcement is much more efficient, we cover much more territory. They go right down the block, the camera picks up the plates, they know who’s registered, who’s not. It’s very simple. And that’s how we do our enforcement now.”

    Gloria Gallo, Executive Director, Ft. Lee NJ Parking Authority

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    “My initial impression of Passport was how enthusiastic the staff was and and their commitment to teamwork...not only do those thoughts still remain, but they have been validated. I am impressed with all of team members that I have had contact with from Passport.”

    John Peverada, Parking Manager for Portland

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    “Out of all the companies we’ve worked with, Passport has been the best-- they’ve been the most responsive, and we’ve been really happy with Passport and the product that they’ve offered us.”

    Matthew Collver, Police Sergeant, Breckenridge, CO

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