Passport's digital meter bagging and curb/space reservation system.

  • Create reservation types, manage parking space availability, and issue temporary blocks or reservations
  • Use parking data to charge for the true value of curb assets
  • Integrate with other Passport solutions

Digital Permits Add-On

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Photo Enforcement

Capture violations in real-time and automate issuance of mailed citations.

  • Manage and issue violations captured by fixed LPR cameras in a frictionless environment, by mail or directed enforcement.
  • Ensure citations make it to violators through a direct mail system where allowable
  • Provide a transparent and seamless life cycle of the violation from start to finish

Enforcement Add-On

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Performance Benchmarking

Compare your operation to peer cities to help set goals and drive better outcomes.

  • Collect and analyze data to identify current challenges and trends
  • Adapt and implement effective parking solutions tailored to your specific needs and operations
  • Network effectively with elected officials and the public to optimize parking resources

Analytics Add-On

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Card Present Processing

Passport Payments now offers card present processing, enabling you to use the same system to manage, view and reconcile transactions made at certified physical point-of-sale devices, including meters, pay stations and more.

  • Process digital and physical transactions with Passport Payments
  • Daily settlement and automated reconciliation options increase efficiency
  • See significant savings & increased cash flow with reduced processing fees by up to 50%

Payments Add-On

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