Passport’s QR Code Offering

As transportation and curbside management technology evolves, QR Codes have become an increasingly popular method of driving traffic to apps and URLs while storing information accessible to any user. 

While Passport now offers QR Codes on signage for new installs, as well as individual stickers for existing clients, it is imperative to understand the pros and cons of usage to help streamline the customer experience and avoid fraudulent activity.

Advantages of QR Codes:

  • Can drive app adoption and boost utilization
  • Offer a quick, user-friendly method to download app or view information
  • Helps to convert more meter users to the app

Disadvantages of QR Codes:

  • Could invite fraudulent activity, requiring physical monitoring to ensure codes have not been tampered with
  • Potential to be damaged or suffer general wear and tear, leading to a poor user experience if the code no longer works properly

QR codes come with many benefits when deployed and managed properly. Passport has invested in identifying the keys to successfully utilize QR codes and have developed best practices around how to use them most effectively.

Passport QR Code Best Practices:

  • Designs: QR codes should always be branded to match the signage it is associated with to maintain credibility and consistency
  • Placement: QR codes should be positioned as closely as possible to the app name or zone number on signs and decals for best recognition
  • Monitoring: QR codes should be physically monitored as frequently as possible to ensure they haven’t been damaged or tampered with
  • User Flow: QR codes for Passport apps will default to the app store to drive downloads and encourage return users; however, clients can opt to direct to Mobile Pay Web (MPW) to prioritize speed to pay over app downloads
  • Marketing: While placing QR codes on signs and meters is a form of marketing in itself, Passport encourages clients to constantly promote using applications to pay through various channels

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