Text to Park FAQs

    Mobile Pay Parking

What is Text to Park? 

Adding Passport’s Text to Park solution into your parking environment results in an additional contactless transaction method for parkers to utilize when paying for parking. This feature enables users to initiate their parking session via SMS text, which is especially convenient to transient visitors or those without smartphones. 

How to Start a Transaction:

Parkers will text one of three keywords to the Passport short code (30843) and receive a response to take action on. 

  1. “Park” – Text “Park” to 30843 to receive an automated response with a link to the Passport Mobile Pay Parking Web experience where they can then create their parking transaction without having to download the app. 
  2. “Help” – Text “Help” to 30843 to receive an automated response with information on how to get in touch with the Passport Support Team.
  3. “Stop” – Text “Stop” to 30843 to receive a confirmation text that they are unsubscribed from receiving future text messages from Passport.  Note: Passport will never automatically subscribe a user to promotional messages.

What does the experience look like? 

For users brand new to a given parking environment, the following workflow will take place:

For users that have an existing account, the following workflow will take place: 

How do I enable this transaction method in my parking environment?

In order for Text to Park to be successful, the visibility and awareness of the short code must be prominent for end users. Passport will provide decals with the short code phone number that cities can apply to existing signage. If certain signage contains outdated branding, Passport will work with cities to ensure clients receive updated materials.

Can a user still extend their session? 

Yes – a user’s session can be accessed through the same browser window by either reopening their browser or clicking on the same link within the original text message.