3 Reasons a B2B Focus is Better for Partnerships

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3 Reasons a B2B Focus is Better for Partnerships

When entering a partnership, there are critical components that should be considered. Once these considerations are addressed, you can feel comfortable knowing that both parties are on the same page and that the partnership will be successful.

Partnerships in the mobile payment industry can be unique, however. While we market our services to cities and parking operators, our product is ultimately used by parkers. Because of this, most companies in the industry operate as B2C (business to consumer) companies. Passport does things differently. We operate as a B2B (business to business) company. We feel that this approach enhances partnerships and benefits both the business or government and the end user.

Our expertise in B2B has revealed 3 main reasons that it produces better partnerships:

  1. We see you (the operator) as our client

This might seem like a no brainer, but once the deal is signed, the parking operator remains our client. Our success aligns with your success. We maintain the partnership and work with you to ensure that the relationship is as mutually beneficial as possible. We work to make your lives easier and streamline operations for better results.

  1. No one knows your customers better than you

It wouldn’t make sense to come in, bypass the parking operator, and begin to market to your clients. Our end goals are the same – customer satisfaction and high usage. Only our customer satisfaction includes the parking operator as well as the end user. It only makes sense to combine our efforts in order to achieve these goals. The operator is going to have the most knowledge about their users, so using this feedback and insight along with our experience will create the most successful launch possible.

  1. Your Brand is the One that Matters

When partnering with a parking operator, enhancing your city’s brand is the top priority. This is especially apparent with Passport’s city-branded applications. We develop each branded application from the ground up and work with our clients to ensure that the features in your app reflect the wants and needs specific to you. We specialize in fully tailored applications to the individual needs of city-specific environments–we do not simply change the color schemes and apply a co-branded approach. We want your brand front and center. We want you to excel.

Partnerships between mobile payment providers and their clients can be tricky. Working with experts in B2B can increase the value of your mobile payment program. At Passport, our top goal is to see you succeed and let everything else fall into place.