3 Ways the Google Pixel Beats Competition

Google is finally diving head first into the smartphone market with the Pixel. The Nexus phones — Google’s previous line of budget smartphones — were always decent, but were developed by other companies. The Pixel will be the first smartphone fully developed by Google, and they’re looking to knock Samsung and Apple off their thrones.

The Pixel hit the market on October 20, and here are three key areas where the Google Pixel is unquestionably a step above the competition.

1. The Best Artificial Intelligence

One of the first things seasoned Android users will note on the Pixel is that Google Now has been replaced by Google Assistant. Assistant is Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, but with better functionality.

All three of the major artificial intelligence (A.I.) platforms perform about the same with basic questions. Google Assistant does a better job of answering questions directly, while Siri and Cortana more often have to open a web browser to search the answer, which defeats the purpose. Even so, the difference is minimal with basic questions.

It gets exciting when you’re able to make use of Google Assistant’s follow-up questions. Search for sushi restaurants in the local area and Assistant will show them to you, ask if you need directions and even allow you to book a table. This happens seamlessly, just like a natural conversation. It’s a function Siri and Cortana can’t even attempt.

2. Infinite Media Cloud Storage

The Google Pixel received some criticism because it only comes with 32GB and 128GB options for internal storage, while the iPhone 7 has both of those plus a 256GB option. However, what many critics are forgetting is that Google offers infinite media cloud storage for the life of your Google Pixel.

Essentially, the pictures and videos will be stored on your phone for a time period. As your phone starts to fill up, the older pictures and videos will be shuffled onto your infinite Google Drive cloud storage.

So yes, iPhone 7 has a higher internal storage option. However, you never need to account for your pictures and videos taking up space on a Pixel.

3. The Highest Rated Camera

The Pixel’s camera received the highest DxOMark rating on the market. Higher than Samsung’s or iPhone’s current cameras.

The pixel has a 12.3MP camera, which is very similar to the iPhone 7 and Samsung 7 Edge. However, the difference is in the details. The Pixel’s camera stands out with its ability to produce stunning photos in a variety of lighting and weather conditions. It produces the right amount of contrast and balance, as well as swift focus, to make anyone feel like a professional.

The Pixel’s camera produces the most true-to-life outdoor pictures available on the smartphone market, as well as doing an excellent job at capturing images in low light. For video, it can capture 4k resolution videos at 30fps or 1080p video at 120fps.

What makes the biggest difference, actually, is the software involved. The Pixel’s HDR+ multi-imagine functionality allows it to produce images that reduce fuzziness and capture high-speed motion better than any of the competition.

Google has been a leader in the software end of the smartphone industry for a long time with the Android platform. The Pixel is the first phone they’ve built top to bottom. Is it better than the competition? That might be up to personal preference. But at the very least, it’s the smoothest, smartest Android phone out there.