The Age of Convenience: Multimodal At Your Fingertips

Why Multimodal Matters

In the Age of Convenience, we expect simplicity. Simplicity while handling the signup process for an app , simplicity to extend your parking session, simplicity to track your light rail, simplicity to handle it all in one single platform. The ability to handle your world from your fingertips is not a luxury, but has now become the standard norm. While the transportation industry progresses at a rapid pace, people care about where they’re going. They care about how they will be getting from point A to point B. They care about what they’ll be doing at their destination; where they’ll be grabbing a bite to eat, the hotel they’ll be staying at, and how they will be getting to their planned activities. As the transportation industry advances, innovates, enhances lives, and builds infrastructure – there’s a term that has remained constant.


Multimodal Solutions from Passport.

Multimodal In Your Palm

The idea of being multimodal is not only significant in how you live, but encompasses the entire city you live in. Look around you. There’s buses, light rails, metros, cabs, Uber, Luxe – times are changing. Now, we have the ability to pick and choose between the type of transportation we want or need. The Age of Convenience is here. Transportation is following suit.

Utilizing a variety of transportation methods to successfully get to your destination has been a part of our lives for some time, but having the ability to hold the entire transportation ecosystem in the palm of your hand ups the convenience ante. For years, cities and agencies have seen that users care about planning their trip, they care about the ETA of their bus or light rail, and they want to manage their trip entirely on their own. Whether they’re heading to a weekend getaway with friends or off to a family wedding, having the ability to take control of their transportation gives users the convenience they crave. When it comes to handling their destination, users, especially millennials, want convenience and simplicity.

Nearly 70% of millennials use multiple forms of transportation methods.

As technology advances and the idea of being multimodal remains, bringing a variety of transportation methods under one platform is essential. At Passport, we bring the entire multimodal experience into your mobile device. From your fingertips, you have the ability to plan your entire trip, pay for parking, transit fares and citations, and track your bus or transit-option-of-choice. In the age of convenience, having the ability to handle all transportation needs in one platform gives cities and users the functionality they want.

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The Core of Multimodal

For Passport, we’re at the core of your multimodal experience. We’ve created a platform that tailors the way you move and gives your lifestyle flexibility. The frustration of switching between apps, every time you need to complete a task isn’t ideal. Switching between a variety of apps can be frustrating, provides a disconnect between sources, and potentially cause inaccurate information.

Yes, there are apps for parking your Prius downtown. Yes, there are apps to help you navigate your trip to the closest Starbucks. Yes, there are apps that’ll even track your bus’ ETA. An app that includes all of these features? It’s a thing. As our world adopts mobile technology, the idea of handling every transportation need under an umbrella platform gives users convenience. Not only does it provide users with flexibility and functionality to handle their trip, but it gives them total control over their transportation experience.

The idea of being multimodal isn’t just the way you move, but the convenience in which you move.  As the transportation industry shifts, Passport will continue to be at the core of the entire multimodal experience. Getting to all your destinations with ease provides the simplicity and convenience you want. Having the ability to integrate all your transportation needs in one platform is possible. We’re at the nexus of your entire multimodal experience.