Carpooling: Is it making a comeback?

Remember the days of carpooling? Does it even exist anymore? While many of us choose not to coordinate rides to and from work, the term ‘carpooling’ might just be ancient history. While carpooling lags behind the rest of our transportation options – we wanted to gain a better insight into the biggest reason people don’t carpool.

In a survey of over 500 commuters, we asked them why they choose not to carpool.

Drumroll, please.

The main reason? Work schedules do not align with others.


We weren’t surprised. Being able to coordinate rides with others, specifically when you don’t share the same schedule or commute prevents carpooling. As more mobile apps make their debut in the transportation industry, we’ll see an increase in transit riders and ridesharing services. Take Uber Pool, for example. The ridesharing app allows users to choose ‘pool’, which allows drivers to pick up multiple riders traveling on the same route. Although you’re most likely not traveling with your colleagues to work via Uber Pool, it does give carpooling a bit of a comeback.

As the transit industry continues to make some influential changes, stay tuned for our Transit E-book, which will feature invaluable insight into where the industry has been and where it’s going…