Citation Enforcement Software: What it is and why it matters

Technology is pushing forward; it’s transforming our industry, and innovating at a rapid pace. As it progresses, cities must adapt to the ever-changing innovations to products and services. If we fail to adapt, we risk falling behind and never reaching our full potential. Think about it. If we increase our technology, we simultaneously increase our productivity and efficiency levels. Valuable technology fuels an innovative environment.

Handling and issuing parking citations hasn’t always been the most efficient or glamorous process. Let’s be real, would you rather hand write a parking violation or plug it into your smartphone device? It’s pretty much a no-brainer, right? 

From handwriting tickets to issuing citations via a smartphone device – citation management has come a long way. As mobile technology continues to make progress, cities and agencies are seeing results by implementing software to monitor operations. For enforcement officers and decision makers, being able to seamlessly sync workflows and monitor patterns in real-time increases productivity and accuracy in decision making.

What is citation enforcement software…

Think of how citation management was handled in the past…

Parking enforcement officers would hit the ground, issue citations when the parking meter indicated the vehicles session was over, and they’d proceed by hand writing the ticket. Sound familiar?

Citation software has completely changed the game.

The platform is a tool used by parking enforcement officers, as well as decision makers to further improve operations. Officers have the ability to completely manage issuance from their smartphone, while decision makers have access to real-time backend data that can enhance the overall parking experience.  

Why citation enforcement software matters…

The parking industry, much like many other industries, is becoming more and more reliant on data. Being able to collect, manage, and analyze clean and precise data is top priority for us, as well as having the confidence that this data is accurate. With Passport’s backend platform, OpsMan, we are able to access custom reports through the backend system. The platform effortlessly syncs the workflow between all involved parties. Parking enforcement officers, parking management staff, accounting and collections all see real-time and accurate data, which provides an efficient and convenient flow of information between each other.

Mobile technology is changing the way parking operations are handled. A process that used to be considered a hassle, now has an efficient solution that even increases compliance. With Passport’s citation software, enforcement officers have the functionality to improve the overall efficiency of their operations by being able to issue citations and monitor parking from their Android-based smartphone. 

The real life saver?

Having the functionality to completely ditch docking equipment at the end of the day. For enforcement officers, once they’re done with their shift, it’s a major hassle to have to dock their equipment and run reports for the day. With the platform, there’s no docking. The real-time sync makes the process way more efficient.

Mobile technology continues to gain traction in the transportation industry and in turn, is greatly influencing citation management. Gone are the days of dealing with handwriting citations, handling an excessive amount of papers, and managing analytics on paper. Citation management software helps enforcers save time, cover more grounds, and provides real-time analytics for decision makers. Say hello to efficiency.