Cleveland Heights Introduces Passport Parking App

This article originally appeared in the Cleveland Heights Patch.

September 23, 2016-

Have you ever been enjoying an evening out when you suddenly remember that your parking meter is about to expire? With new technology, you’ll never have to abandon a date again.

The city of Cleveland Heights now has three parking garages listed on the Passport Parking app, Cedar Fairmount, Cedar Lee, and Coventry. If you’re parked in one of those garages, and you’re on a surprisingly good first date, you can now feed your meter via the app and keep your evening going.

The city’s 50 cent rate for parking spots will remain the same.

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Once you have the app installed on your phone, you’ll need to add your credit card information. Then you’ll need the zone number and the space number of your parking spot, which is noted on a decal on every parking meter. Type in the zone and space. The app will ask how long you want to park.

The physical meter won’t reflect your payment, but don’t fret. Police will read your payment on a handheld mobile device.