Enforcement Made Easy: Real-time Access to Insights and Data

Parking violations continue to be a problem for most cities and towns. 

And as these cities and towns grow, so has the need to effectively manage and enforce parking via a reliable and transparent system that drives compliance and grows your revenue, and improves your team’s overall performance and experience.

Passport’s digital enforcement solution empowers you to collect evidence, issue warnings and citations, and recover punitive revenues more effectively. And, since it is built on our powerful platform with cloud-based software technology, you can now easily streamline all your services, reduce time and cost, and increase payment rates. 

Add to that, the ability to enjoy our fully-integrated citation issuance system. 

Passport Managed Services

Presenting our Mobile Citation Service — designed for providing a fully-integrated citation issuance system. 

Not only is our service a reliable, scalable and cost-effective solution, it also minimizes the need for your enforcement officers to batch upload, dock, or manually transfer citations to an enforcement management application. With our platform, your officers can drive nearly 100% compliance for all vehicles that touch the curb.

Our pay-as-you-go structure allows you to pay a monthly fee instead of making an upfront investment in hardware, software or support. 

This includes all your mobile data.

Download our eGuide to learn more about how we manage hardware and software with the most accurate enforcement solution in today’s market. One that is trusted by more than 800 clients worldwide.