How to Sync Citation Management With One Mobile Platform

What if there was an efficient solution to handling citation management? What if there was a platform that provided the functionality for both parking enforcement officers and decision makers? What if it could all be done through one single platform? Citation management would be a piece of cake.

As an enforcement manager or decision maker, it’s common to be swimming in paperwork; stacks on stacks of reports, and anything and everything that can devour your desk space. It can be overwhelming to constantly sync up with your parking enforcement officers and receive the most accurate data from your operations. Implementing a platform that handles both parking enforcement officer’s daily tasks and your tasks is possible. Afterall, efficient workflow is key to success.

With Passport, citation management is efficient. Through a single platform, parking enforcement officers can handle daily tasks, and enforcement managers have the ability to access real-time data. One platform. One system. One solution. The capabilities are endless.

With Passport’s citation ecosystem, OpsMan, everything can be handled via the parking enforcement officer’s Android smartphone and available for enforcement managers on the web. A one-stop platform that provides parking enforcement officers with endless benefits to issue and manage citations, and gives enforcement managers the capability to access all data.

The connectivity between the parking enforcement officer’s Android device and the web portal provides a seamless integration between the two environments. The combination of both offers an efficient workflow and helps the two function as a whole. With real-time capability, there’s no need for reconciliation reporting or docking at the end of the day. The connectivity between the two operations is both flexible and functional for both environments.

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With the integration of the Android device and the web portal, both parking enforcement officers and enforcement managers have the functionality to conveniently navigate their tasks without unnecessary paperwork, added steps, and inefficient workflow. Auto populating on parker history, open tickets, and valid permits helps enforcers make more accurate decisions in the field. This efficiency is gained because of the real-time integration between the mobile device and the back end portal. Get rid of the paperwork engulfing your desk and access all your responsibilities via the web with Opsman.

Enforcement managers and decision makers have the ability to assign each user a role within the system, which can limit and/or provide access to specific backend functionality, live track officers, pinpoint where the most and least citations are issued, and pull a variety of reports with any of their collected data, such as:

  •      Issuance reports with filters to pull specific data
  •      Warning reports with filters to pull specific data
  •      Violation type reports
  •      Heat map of where the most and least violations have been issued
  •      Gap reporting to compare parking enforcement officer efficiency, inconsistencies, etc.

The nimble platform seamlessly combines parking enforcement officer’s workflow with the enforcement manager’s strategy, providing efficient connectivity between the two environments. The combination of the two will allow for accurate data, efficient workflow, and ultimately better decision-making.

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