La Crosse parking ramps go gateless

Article originally published on August 27, 2017 on

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Just a reminder for anyone using the parking ramps in La Crosse.

Starting Monday August 28, all  parking ramps will be going gateless.

Anyone parking in the ramp will no longer need to retrieve a ticket, instead you will use a pay station.

Some things to remember when using the new pay stations.

  •         Memorize or write down your license plate number
  •         Parking is now pre-paid.
  •         The first three hours are still free, but you still MUST visit the pay station to select the free option.

Parking ramp visitors have two other options for paying for ramp parking, either by obtaining a monthly or quarterly parking permit, or by downloading the ‘Passport Parking’ app.

Parking ramp time restrictions are the same as they’ve always been.

Nights and weekends are still completely free and parkers will not have to use the kiosk.

The hours are posted at the entrances of all ramps.

Download the Passport Parking app here:…/passportparking-mob…/id501324867