Let’s talk about data.

Data supports Passport’s work in providing cities with innovative mobility management solutions that improve parking operations. We believe in the importance of data privacy and our platform was built from the ground up with the protection of our clients and user communities in mind.

Our View on Data

At Passport, we aspire to be our clients (cities) and communities’ most trusted partner. Deep-rooted in our mission to earn that trust is our commitment to maintaining privacy standards that keep our community’s information safe and secure.

When it comes to data collection, our commitment at Passport is that we:

  • Always remain transparent about the data we collect
  • Use the data we collect for the purposes of supporting our clients in providing the best mobility solutions possible to users
  • Never sell personalized data to anyone, for any reason

We understand that users have choices, and we want our clients to be comfortable with the options they are providing to user communities when it comes to data collection and storage. Our team has developed systems that are designed to collect and keep data within a safe and secure network.

Ensuring Privacy & Security

Complying with data standards will always remain a top priority for our company. Passport maintains certifications with applicable industry and data standards and complies with the laws and regulations concerning privacy and data protection. This includes the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as all PCI and SSAE security standards.

To further protect the security of data, we use reputable third-party security testing and hacking prevention services to continuously ensure that the measures we take are effective for our users and partners. We are dedicated to maintaining certifications and compliance with applicable industry payments and data standards, and all payment information is stored in our secure PCI environment.

We’re More Than an App

Passport is more than an app provider to cities. Our digital platform serves as the facilitator of multiple applications (mobile pay parking, parking enforcement, digital parking permits, mobility management) to provide cities with the intelligence that helps them make informed decisions to improve their mobility infrastructure.

The data we collect through our Operating System enables cities to manage rates, rules, and logic of their overall parking operations. In order to deliver this value to the city, Passport only collects the necessary information needed from end-users.

Similarly, and in a case where Passport works with third-parties to facilitate transactions, Passport only collects the pertinent user information from the third party to complete those transactions. Passport maintains the same data standards for all data collected regardless of the source.

User Data is User Choice.

We understand that in order to be our clients’ and communities’ most trusted partner that the data we collect must be protected. To that end, information is only collected when voluntarily submitted by those who engage directly with Passport parking services. That data is used by Passport to administer and complete parking sessions and is otherwise for the limited purposes as stated in our data principles and privacy policy. We do not share personal information with third parties except for the purposes of facilitating parking services.

At Passport, we are committed to help our client cities provide mobility solutions to users in a way that does not create security or personal risk. Maintaining the privacy and security of user information is our top priority in order to meet this commitment.

Click here for more detailed information regarding Passport’s Privacy Policy.