Missoula Set to Roll Out “Pay by Phone” Parking App

This article originally appeared on KPAX News.

MISSOULA – Starting Friday, people who shop or work in Downtown Missoula will have the convenience of paying for their parking by phone.

The city is set to roll out its new “Passport” parking app, which brings another level of convenience to the ‘LUKE” parking kiosks which were installed a year ago.

“If they have a smartphone they can just pay for their parking within the app, and they don’t have to leave their car if they don’t want to,” said Missoula Parking Commission Admin Services Manager Tiffany Brander. “Or they can go off to their business, doing whatever they need to do, and as they’re walking on their phone they can just pay for their parking instead of having to go to the meter.”

That will be especially handy in stormy weather like we’ve been having, or if you’re in a meeting or appointment that runs longer than expected. It might even be easier for some drivers to figure out than the kiosks.

And if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still pay through a desktop or laptop PC using the website.

All the credit card info will be stored securely for convenience.

“It prompts you for a credit card or a debit card number, and all that information is safely secured within the Passport system,” Brander said. “So it will save the information. It doesn’t show the card number or anything, but you don’t have to enter your card information every time which is really great for users because it makes their parking experience go a lot faster.”

The app is available by searching for PassportParking Mobile on the app stores. There will be a $0.25 charge for using the service.