Passport Launches In-App Citation Payment Platform

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Charlotte, NC – March 8, 2016 

In-App Citation Payment Platform

Receiving parking tickets can be frustrating, but paying them doesn’t have to be. Passport is the first software company to offer a single solution for parking payments and in-app parking citation payments, combining in one app the entire parking ecosystem. The new capability further enhances the industry-leading solution for parking and is being offered for the first time within ParkOmaha, a parking payment app created specifically for the City of Omaha. With the ParkOmaha app, users can find, pay, extend and manage parking. The latest update allows customers the capability of paying any parking violation directly from the app.

ParkOmaha was the first-ever private label mobile application for parking. “We chose to partner with Passport because of their flexible technology and ability to build a product that fits our needs. Years later, they are continuing to evolve with new innovation and make parking easier,” said Kenneth Smith, City Parking Manager. Omaha continues to pioneer the parking experience for residents with the new native citation payment feature. When a user receives a parking citation, they can download the ParkOmaha app, find their citation, and pay or appeal directly from the app. To help avoid citations, users can pay with the ParkOmaha app and extend their sessions directly from their smartphone.

“Our enterprise software offers the flexibility to tailor features specifically for client’s needs. Providing an in-app citation payment feature was important to the City and allows users a convenient way to resolve their parking violation quickly,” said Brad Powers, CTO at Passport. “We’ve created a better experience by providing an end-to-end solution for parking in Omaha. Users can now manage everything in one place”

Cities around the world are adopting mobile payment technology for parking, transportation, and now additional municipal payments. Passport provides payment technology to cities, universities, private operators, and transit agencies throughout North America. Passport clients are experiencing enhanced speed in their operation and up to 20% increases in online payment compliance for citation management.
“Our extensible platform allows us to add useful functionality that meets user demands. It also creates multiple entry points for the app, whether parking for the first time–or receiving your first parking ticket,” said Brad Powers. “We are trying to make the entire downtown experience easier to manage and navigate.”